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Typical Agenda

Below is an agenda for a typical Liberty Toastmasters meeting.

Sergeant at Arms

• Call meeting to order

• Introduce President



Welcome and business meeting

  • Call for Thought or Joke of the Day
  • Call for VP of Membership to introduce guests
  • Business announcements
  • Call for VP of Education to announce program changes
  • Introduce functionaries who will describe their duties:
    • Timer, Crutch-word Counter, and Grammarian (with Word of the Day)
  • Introduce Toastmaster



Starts and leads the Meeting

  • Make introductory remarks about the theme
  • Introduce Table Topics Master

Table Topics Master

Table Topics (0:45 - 1:15 + 15sec grace period)

All members and guests welcome to participate in informal extemporaneous speaking by answering a question during Table Topics.

  • Describe the purpose of Table Topics
  • Conduct Table Topics session
  • Call for Timer Report
  • Vote on Best Table Topics Speaker
  • Call for a break



Introduces formal speakers

• Re-convene meeting

• Introduce Speakers (length of speech + 30 sec. grace period)

 Formal  Speeches 
  Two to three formal speeches
Speakers use the Toastmasters' education platform (Pathways)
 to craft their speeches and develop their speaking skills.
  • 5-7 minute formal speech
  • One minute of silence after each speaker for comments
 Conclude formal speaking
  • Asks for the speakers' Timer Report
  • Call for a vote for Best Speaker
  • Introduce General Evaluator


General Evaluator

Introduces the evaluation portion of the meeting.

  • Speak about the importance of evaluation
  • Call for individual Speech Evaluators
  • Call for Timer Report for speech evaluations
  • Call for Grammarian Report
  • Call for Crutch-word Counter Report
  • Deliver general evaluation of the meeting
  • Call for a vote for Best Evaluator
  • Return lectern to the Toastmaster
 8:15 Toastmaster 
 Meeting conclusion
  • Introduce Literary Corner Master (3-5 minute max.)
   Literary corner
 A member reads a chapter from a book that they recommend.


Presentation of awards

  • Present awards for Table Topics, Best Speaker, and Best Evaluator
  • Return the lectern to the President



  • Asks for Guest comments and feedback on the meeting
  • Call for VP of Education to discuss future assignments
  • Adjourns meeting